Deathstars & Droids

Honor 1/6

When the group returned to the main chamber they came across an old ally Aqua Syke. After some explanation for how he/she got there the group explored the remainder of the tomb. 

The next room the party came across had four large stone statues and a dirt training arena. At the center of the arena was an impressive suit of armor. Ryn rushed the armor that in turn activated the training program. The statues sprang to life and attacked the party. The group managed to fend them off and recover the armor. 

The adventurers then made their way into what appeared to be a vault of some sort. The party did find a few treasures of note but they also encountered several traps. After "verifying" that some the traps worked, they moved on.

The group the made their way to burial chamber where the encountered the guardians on the tomb. After defeating the guardians Ryn and Galvus opened the sarcophagus and awoke the spirit of Freedon Nadd. The woman in black that was guiding them though the tomb engaged the spirit to buy the group time to escape.


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