Deathstars & Droids

Honor 12/1

The group managed to defeat the terrifying diseased terentatek, though it was a deceptive and smelly process. 

Our heroes then found their way into a nearby tomb and began to explore it's depths. Some of the party found visions of truth while the others found a holocron… A really angry holocron. 

Honor 11/17

The group, joined by Queen Lena, ventured deep into the underground tunnels of the moon to reach the airbase. After several hours underground the group came across a cave full of mushrooms that screamed when their membranes were punctured.  The process of clearing the mushrooms was very demanding mentally on the group.

Next the group came across a large chasm with a dangerous path that they needed to cross. The gang manged to make it across the chasm with some close saves and then decided to make camp for the night.

While the group was camped the Black Beast infiltrated the cave and a battle ensured. With some clever usage of abilities the group managed to remove most of the cybernetics and free the wookie from his madness returning him to his old personality of Nin. 

Nin swore a lifedebt to Queen Lena to make up for his past transgressions.

The group managed to make their way out of the Underdark and find the entrance to a tomb. But just as they made it out a massive creature attacked the group… 

Honor 11/3

Though the battle was hard fought the group managed to defeat the attackers. Squamblidge was knocked unconscious protecting Gungi from motor fire but recovered. 

Over the evening the Mandalorian camp was secured and it was revealed that Amasador Thrush was responsible for the attack and plans on attacking the mandalorians again. 

The group decided to assist Lena in infiltrating an airbase on the moon and help her regain control of the planet. 

To get to the airbase the group decided to adventure into the moon's underdark to get to the base faster. But will the quicker route prove to be the most dangerous? Only time will tell…

Honor 10/28

The group met up with their contact Jimbo Kane and decided to interrupt a meeting Queen Lena was having with Lord Phon. The group was introduced to Ambassador Thrush of Onderon and successfully broke up the meeting. 

The group then entered THE CRUCIBLE to become paladins of Onderon. The group succeeded in this task but Galvus choose to not become a paladins. The group was instructed that they needed to accompany Queen Lena to the planet's moon to secure her support for the Republic.

That night several of the Party members got drunk and decided to re-infiltrate the Royal Castle to locate Lord Phon and… draw a "dick" on his forehead. The group didn't accomplish this but Ryn was able to scribble "Lordyon Duck" on a wall of the castle in vegetable paste.

The next day the group traveled with Queen Lena and the captain of her guard Delsey to the jungle moon. Once they landed the local mandalorian clan was happy to see Galvus and brought them to nearby ruins for some sort of celebration.

At the ruins the group was introduced to the local mandalorians leader Daeron of Clan Ordo. Galvus entered the battle circle and defeated his opponent by way of ring out. Galvus' father Mandalore the Stalwart was watching and congratulated his son on winning the fight. It was then revealed that the celebration was for the wedding between Daeron and Queen Lena.

After the mandalorian wedding right was completed a massive cybernetic wookie appeared out of nowhere and attached Daeron. The bridegroom was torn in two from the initial attack and Delsey gave her life taking a sniper shot defending Queen Lena.

Soldiers dressed in black and gold then swarmed the gathering. 

Honor 10/20
One Year Later

One year has past since the party saved the settlement of Paradise on Dantooine.

Squamblidge and Puku have started a distillery on Coruscant and began the production of their first brand "Orphan Bone".

Gungi spent the year looking for her lost broth Nin. After traveling to the planet Illum and meating with a Jedi master there, Gungi narrowed down the location of her brother to Rishi, Dxun, and Yavin IV.

Little is known of what Galvus did during his time apart from the group. What is known is that he came back with a better understanding of the force.

The first thing Ryn did was locate a pet shop and "aquired" a pet from the proprietor. She named her new convor "Puffer" and traveled the galaxy visiting the ancient Jedi temples and facing the darkness with in them.

After an evening at the infamous Lekku Bar in Coruscant, the group began their next mission and set out for the planet Onderon to attempt to convince the world's leader Queen Lena to join the Republic.

The group decided to enter the capital city under the pretenses that they were mercenaries and choose the name "Orphan Embers" to call their group. In the city the group almost set a fearsome warbeast loose were it not for the intervention of Lord Phon.

That evening the group managed to make their way to the Gundark's Ear tavern and meet up with their old ally Jimbo Kane…

The Story So Far
*Cue Music*

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After crash landing the group fought some Cath Hounds which almost killed Aqua but she managed to survive thanks to the Jedi lifting him up.


The  group then walked into town where they incited a riot to save Jonah Matale from being executed and managed to upset the Red Blade.


They won the loyalty of Jimbo “Old Jim” Kane by exploring the Jedi ruins. In the ruins they found some lightsaber hilts, an old holocron, and Galvus had an encounter with the force in a reflection pool.


Once they had returned they aided Jonah Matale in dealing with some local trouble from a man named Torbeer. Puku and Gungi then convinced Torbeer to lend them his M.U.L.E. for transportation.


On their way to the Sandral Estate they were drawn into the Dark Grove where they were attacked by an Ancient Kinrath.


After defeating the beast they traveled to the Sandral Estate where the group convinced Dr. Sandral to aid them in the coming battle. Squamblidge and Puku also laid the foundation for a potential deal.


The group ran into the Sheriff Confefe who was trying to steal weapons to save his own skin. After some aggressive negotiations, Confefe agreed to aid the group. Puke, Ryn, Squamblidge, and Gungi all discovered the tragic history of the local orphanage… Shortly after the managed to burn the building to the ground.


The adventurers then sought out the location of an alleged weapons cache. Along the way the Jedi found their kyber crystals. At the entrance to the cache the group met a small group of the pirates. The device attached to the sheriff detonated killing most of the pirates. One pirate named Grix was kept alive and brought back to town for questioning with several turrets from the cache.


During an evening of revelry, Grix was swayed into helping the group and some things happened that no one wishes to speak of ever again. The group then prepared several defenses around the town in preparation for the coming battle


The adventures then heard of the Red Blade’s number 2 and made a decision to confront him. After a well fought battle the Red Blade offered the group to join his pirate gang yet the group refused.


While attacking Paradise the Red Blade’s men managed to break the lines injuring Griff while Jonah lost his left arm. Due to timely intervention by the team none of the townsfolk lost their lives. The Red Blade title transferred to Puku after the outlaw Mashaw Rixx was apprehended and taken to Coruscant.


On their way to Coruscant Kal’s ship broke down and the group choose to continue their journey aboard The Orcinina. Gungi choose to stay behind and help repair Kal’s ship. The Orcinia voyage started off normal but after the death of one passenger the remaining guests became suspicious of everyone else and choose to find the killer. After a few red herrings and twists the killer was revealed to be Aqua. Ryn and Puku chased Aqua across the Manaan skyline which lead to a fight between the Jedi and the Agent. Ryn dealt a devastating blow to Aqua but the agent managed to escape into the city.



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