Dr. Dell Sandral

A doctor and a business man.


Dell Sandral grew up on the plains of Dantooine at the illustrious Sandral Estate.

Durring the Great Sith War Dell’s love Clair Matale left to go fight in the conflict. Dell thought that the best way he could aid the war effort is by becoming a doctor to treat the wounded. Dell finished his doctorate right before Clair returned… with another man and a child.

Heartbroken, Dell left and traveled the galaxy for 5 years before returning with a wife and settling down.

Dell currently owns the Dantooine Whiskey Distillery and provides medical service at no charge to the residents.

Dell’s daughter Lenna helps her father with managing the distillery and he would do anything to protect her.

Dr Sandral aided the Heroes of Dantooine to help save the town of Paradise.

Dr. Dell Sandral

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