Clair "Mamma" Matale

It's "Mamma" or "Mam".


Raised on Dantooine, Clair Matale fought in the Great Sith War for the Republic.

To fight in the war she had to leave her sweetheart Dell Sandral behind. After fighting for over a decade Clair returned to her home world to live a simple life. To the heartbreak of Dell, Clair returned with a man she called her husband and was 6 months pregnant.

Decades later Clair currently runs the “Broken Chair” tavern and attempts to keep her son Jonah out of trouble.

Clair is brash but knows what battles are worth fighting and will do anything to protect her son.

The Heroes of Dantooine met Clair and helped prevent her son from being executed.

Grateful for their aid, Clair helped the group route the pirates from the area.

Clair "Mamma" Matale

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