Deathstars & Droids

Honor 11/17

The group, joined by Queen Lena, ventured deep into the underground tunnels of the moon to reach the airbase. After several hours underground the group came across a cave full of mushrooms that screamed when their membranes were punctured.  The process of clearing the mushrooms was very demanding mentally on the group.

Next the group came across a large chasm with a dangerous path that they needed to cross. The gang manged to make it across the chasm with some close saves and then decided to make camp for the night.

While the group was camped the Black Beast infiltrated the cave and a battle ensured. With some clever usage of abilities the group managed to remove most of the cybernetics and free the wookie from his madness returning him to his old personality of Nin. 

Nin swore a lifedebt to Queen Lena to make up for his past transgressions.

The group managed to make their way out of the Underdark and find the entrance to a tomb. But just as they made it out a massive creature attacked the group… 


ninthbatter ninthbatter

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