Deathstars & Droids

Honor 10/28

The group met up with their contact Jimbo Kane and decided to interrupt a meeting Queen Lena was having with Lord Phon. The group was introduced to Ambassador Thrush of Onderon and successfully broke up the meeting. 

The group then entered THE CRUCIBLE to become paladins of Onderon. The group succeeded in this task but Galvus choose to not become a paladins. The group was instructed that they needed to accompany Queen Lena to the planet's moon to secure her support for the Republic.

That night several of the Party members got drunk and decided to re-infiltrate the Royal Castle to locate Lord Phon and… draw a "dick" on his forehead. The group didn't accomplish this but Ryn was able to scribble "Lordyon Duck" on a wall of the castle in vegetable paste.

The next day the group traveled with Queen Lena and the captain of her guard Delsey to the jungle moon. Once they landed the local mandalorian clan was happy to see Galvus and brought them to nearby ruins for some sort of celebration.

At the ruins the group was introduced to the local mandalorians leader Daeron of Clan Ordo. Galvus entered the battle circle and defeated his opponent by way of ring out. Galvus' father Mandalore the Stalwart was watching and congratulated his son on winning the fight. It was then revealed that the celebration was for the wedding between Daeron and Queen Lena.

After the mandalorian wedding right was completed a massive cybernetic wookie appeared out of nowhere and attached Daeron. The bridegroom was torn in two from the initial attack and Delsey gave her life taking a sniper shot defending Queen Lena.

Soldiers dressed in black and gold then swarmed the gathering. 


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