Deathstars & Droids

Honor 10/20

One Year Later

One year has past since the party saved the settlement of Paradise on Dantooine.

Squamblidge and Puku have started a distillery on Coruscant and began the production of their first brand "Orphan Bone".

Gungi spent the year looking for her lost broth Nin. After traveling to the planet Illum and meating with a Jedi master there, Gungi narrowed down the location of her brother to Rishi, Dxun, and Yavin IV.

Little is known of what Galvus did during his time apart from the group. What is known is that he came back with a better understanding of the force.

The first thing Ryn did was locate a pet shop and "aquired" a pet from the proprietor. She named her new convor "Puffer" and traveled the galaxy visiting the ancient Jedi temples and facing the darkness with in them.

After an evening at the infamous Lekku Bar in Coruscant, the group began their next mission and set out for the planet Onderon to attempt to convince the world's leader Queen Lena to join the Republic.

The group decided to enter the capital city under the pretenses that they were mercenaries and choose the name "Orphan Embers" to call their group. In the city the group almost set a fearsome warbeast loose were it not for the intervention of Lord Phon.

That evening the group managed to make their way to the Gundark's Ear tavern and meet up with their old ally Jimbo Kane…


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